The kingfisher is named for what part and what part has bright blue feathers

Kingfisher is named for its bright blue feathers on its back and face, so it is commonly known as Kingfisher. Its food is mainly fish, and it also eats crustaceans and a variety of aquatic insects. It is a common water bird. The kingfisher is blue and black from the forehead to the pillow, densely mixed with turquoise blue horizontal spots, turquoise blue on the back and chestnut brown on the abdomen. There are light horizontal spots on the top of the head, and the mouth and feet are red. It looks like a woodpecker from a distance. Because the feathers on the back and face are emerald blue and shiny, it is commonly known as Kingfisher.

The kingfisher is named for what part and what part has bright blue feathers

morphological character:

The birds of this genus are characterized by thick and straight mouth, long and firm, and round mouth ridge; Absence of nasal sulcus; The wing tip is long, the first primary feather is slightly short, and the third and fourth are the longest; Tail short circle; The body feathers are gorgeous and brilliant, often blue or green.

The head is large, the neck is short, the wings are short and round, and the tail is mostly short and small; The mouth shape is long and sharp, the mouth peak is round and blunt, the feet are very short, the toes are thin and weak, most of the fourth toe and the third toe are connected together, and only the base is connected with the second toe. Tail fat gland (ran Yu). There are black beak bones on both sides, four notches on the posterior edge of the sternum, and the sternal handle is simply made of external spines.

The kingfisher is named for what part and what part has bright blue feathers

Living habits:

Inhabit in water areas such as shrubs or sparse forests, clear and slow flowing rivers, streams, lakes and irrigation canals. He is lonely. He often lives alone on branches or rocks near the water and waits for opportunities to hunt. His food is mainly small fish. He also eats crustaceans, a variety of aquatic insects and their larvae, and pecks small frogs and a small amount of aquatic plants.

After the kingfisher plunges into the water, it can maintain excellent eyesight, because its eyes can quickly adjust the perspective contrast caused by light in the water. So fishing skills are very strong.

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