The difference between 100% wool and cashmere

There is no difference between 100% wool and cashmere. Both of them grow in the outer cortex of goat and cover a thin layer of fine wool at the root of goat coarse hair. It grows when it is cold in winter to resist the wind and cold, and falls off when it turns warm in spring. Naturally adapted to the climate, it is a rare special animal fiber.

The difference between 100% wool and cashmere

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The fine woolen yarn and high-grade woolen fabric, which are fine, light and warm, are woven from cashmere. The cashmere production of goats is very seasonal, from April to May every year. In order to prevent cashmere from falling off naturally, cashmere is usually grabbed immediately when cashmere is jacked up. When grasping cashmere, you should first grasp the back of the spine, then the two ribs, and finally the abdomen, head and legs. The cashmere captured according to this procedure is of high quality. Cashmere species. Cashmere is light, soft, soft and warm, so it is known as "fiber gem" in Japan, the "crown of fiber" in Britain and the "white cloud" in the United States.

The difference between 100% wool and cashmere

Cashmere is a kind of high-grade wool spinning raw material. According to its color, it can be divided into white cashmere, purple cashmere and green cashmere, of which white cashmere is widely used. White cashmere is the cashmere produced by Baishan sheep. The Albas white cashmere goat in Etuoke Banner is the most famous. This kind of sheep has high cashmere production and excellent fineness, length, tension, elasticity and luster.

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