What is the largest animal group in the world

The largest animal group in the world is insects. It is known that there are more than 1 million kinds of insects on earth, accounting for about 2 / 3 of the whole animal kingdom. There are 24600 kinds of fish, nearly 8000 kinds of reptiles, 9000 kinds of birds and 5000 kinds of mammals in the world.

What is the largest animal group in the world

Relationship between insects and humans:

The relationship between insects and human beings is very complex. One of the main factors constituting the complex relationship is the extremely wide range of insect feeding habits. According to previous estimates, 48.2% of insects are herbivorous; 28% are predatory, preying on other insects and small animals; 2.4% are parasitic, parasitic in other insects and animals, and 17.3% eat rotten biological organisms and animal excreta. This gives us a rough outline of the benefits and harms of insects. However, this is only a natural phenomenon, and the concept of human benefit and harm starts from the point of view of human economic interests, so it is much more complex. The following are the harmful and beneficial aspects of insects to human beings.

What is the largest animal group in the world

The power of insects:

In the insect world, many insects have incredible abilities. For example, the height of a small flea can exceed 200 times its height. There are crickets and locusts, and their jumping ability is also excellent. More surprisingly, ants can lift objects 52 times their weight. Even butterflies that look delicate can fly hundreds of meters or tens of thousands of kilometers, or even farther, like migratory birds.

The secret why insects have such amazing power is that they have particularly developed muscle tissue. According to the research of scientists, insect muscles have not only special structure, but also a large number. For example, humans have more than 600 muscles, while Lepidoptera insects have more than 2000 muscles. The muscles of insects can not only help high jump and long jump, but also help fly from a long distance. For example, dragonflies, butterflies, bees and moths can fly far because they rely on the muscles connecting their wings between their chest and back.

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