Can Yunshan pay by bus

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12

System version: ios14

Software version: cloud flash payment 8.1.5

Yunshan payment can take a bus. When taking the bus, open the cloud flash payment app in advance, and then click the "payment code". After getting on the bus, scan the payment code at the code scanning place of the bus, hear the sound of "tick", and then voice broadcast "code scanning succeeded" to complete the payment.

Can Yunshan pay by bus

Cloud flash payment is an app, a non cash collection and payment mobile transaction settlement tool. It is a mobile payment app jointly developed, constructed, maintained and operated by China UnionPay together with commercial banks, Payment institutions and other industrial parties under the guidance of the people's Bank of China. It was officially released on December 11, 2017. Cloud flash payment app has three core functions: collection and payment, discount and card management. Cloud flash payment app, UnionPay mobile flash payment and UnionPay QR code payment are the same three major mobile payment products of UnionPay.

Can Yunshan pay by bus

As a new unified entrance to the mobile terminal jointly created by all parties, the unified app cloud flash payment in the banking industry gathers the mobile payment functions and benefits of various institutions, and is committed to becoming a mobile payment housekeeper for consumers to save money and worry. Consumers can bind and manage various bank accounts through the cloud flash payment app, and use the mobile payment services and preferential rights and interests of various banks.

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