What does TXT file mean

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Txt file means notepad file. Txt format is a text format attached to Microsoft's operating system. It is one of the files often used in computers. As early as the DOS era, there were many applications, mainly storing text information, that is, text information. Now the multi-purpose operating system has to use Notepad and other programs to save, and most software can be viewed with Notepad.

What does TXT file mean

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If the file you receive is a TXT file with hidden extension, its actual file name means HTML file association in the registry. However, when it is saved as a file name, it will not appear. If you double-click it, you think it will open Notepad, but it calls HTML to run. This kind of file can not be opened at will.

What does TXT file mean

This TXT file does not display the icon of the text file, but the flag of the undefined file type, which is the best way to distinguish it from the normal TXT file. Another way to identify is to display the full file name on the left side of my computer when viewing by web page.

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