What does the network language Hin mean

Network language Hin means "very", which is Shaanxi dialect. Because the pronunciation of "Hin" sounds very cute, it has gradually developed into an Internet language. For example, "Hin good" and "Hin many" mean "very good" and "many". "Hin" is a popular Internet word, which means "very, very".

What does the network language Hin mean

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True fragrance - it means that a person makes up his mind not to go or do something, but the final behavior is the opposite. It is mainly used to express a psychological state in which someone's expected things are very different from the final result. It means slapping face.

What does the network language Hin mean

Here comes the old man, a common line used by a barbecue booth on tiktok to greet familiar guests.

Rain girl without melon - rain girl without melon is a homonym of "it has nothing to do with you". It is an expression of non-standard Mandarin and dialect. This expression looks cold and mysterious and a little confusing. In addition, the expression pack is very funny. It is usually used to back up or tease others.

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