Can the relative card see what the other party bought

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12; System version: ios14

Software version: wechat 7.0.20

Can't see. After the wechat family card is consumed, the other party cannot clearly know the specific purchased goods and what the consumed goods are, but for each consumption, the giver will receive a deduction notice. Although you can't view the specific purchased goods, you can still view the consumption details and the consumption details through the bill.

Can the relative card see what the other party bought

Opening steps of wechat kinship card:

1. First, open the latest version of wechat, enter the [i] personal center, open the [wallet] option, and then open the payment center to see the "kinship card" entry below.

2. After entering the kinship card page, the page will let us select [gift kinship card], click it, and then let us choose one of the father, one mother and two children.

3. Next, a friend list will appear. After selecting a friend, you will enter the [set quota] interface.

Can the relative card see what the other party bought

On this page, the paying party needs to set the monthly consumption limit, which is between 0.01-3000 yuan, and the upper limit can be modified at any time. Compared to the close payment of Alipay, the amount is between 100-20000 yuan, it is obvious that WeChat's kinship card consumption is more inclined to the daily average consumption, not suitable for large consumption.

4. After entering the consumption amount, you need to enter the payment password, click [gift], and finally wait for the other party to receive it.

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