Which country's national treasure is grizzly bear

Grizzly bear is a national treasure of Germany. Grizzly bear, also known as brown bear, is one of the largest mammals of Carnivora on land. It mainly inhabits in the cold temperate coniferous forest. It mostly moves during the day, walks slowly, has no fixed habitat, and usually acts alone. Brown bears have an excellent sense of smell, seven times that of hounds, and good eyesight. They can see fish in clear water when fishing.

Which country's national treasure is grizzly bear

Brown bears are omnivorous animals. Their recipes change with the seasons. Generally speaking, plant foods account for more than 60%, including various plant roots, tubers, forages, grains and various fruits. The rest are animal foods, such as insects, rodents, ungulates (such as elk, reindeer, moose, bison, etc.), wild boar, fish and carrion, etc. Brown bears living around the coastline prey on salmon every year during the salmon spawning season. Brown bears in Alaska especially like to eat migratory salmon. Grizzly bears have a special preference for carrion.

Which country's national treasure is grizzly bear

Brown bears are quite aggressive animals, especially when protecting territory and food. In order to protect their food, they will drive away wolves and mountain lions, as well as other bears invading their territory. However, most of the fighting is still concentrated in the mating season. In order to raise their children, female brown bears usually mate every 3-5 years. In order to let female bears enter the mating stage as soon as possible, male bears will find a chance to kill their children. Although brave mothers fight hard when they encounter these guys who are 1.5 times or even twice their size, 45% of the young child deaths are still done by male bears.

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