Which part is the sausage

Powdered intestines are a part of the transverse colon of pigs. More accurately, it is the small intestine of pigs, and it is the anterior small intestine, which refers to the stomach. The next segment is called powdered intestines, and the latter segment is called small intestine. Powdered sausage is a traditional famous dish in Guangdong and Hong Kong. The main materials are pork and pig small intestine, and the auxiliary materials are cardamom, clove, cinnamon, Amomum villosum, Angelica dahurica, etc. it belongs to Guangdong cuisine. This dish has strong flavor, refreshing and not greasy. After smoking, it is easy to preserve.

Which part is the sausage

Powdered sausage is a kind of food in Guangdong and Hong Kong, China. To have delicious powdered intestines, pigs must be fasting before slaughtering, and this section of intestines will have digestive juice. Therefore, it is not necessary to turn the intestines out for washing when cooking, and then the whole section of intestines must be turned upside down for washing. Before selling powdered sausage, the boss selling pork is likely to eat intestines without sorting them out in advance, that is, there are large Ascaris lumbricoides in powdered sausage, which is commonly known as bitter intestines.

Which part is the sausage

In northern China, powdered sausage also refers to a kind of sausage food popular in Beijing, Hebei, Northeast Inner Mongolia and other regions, which uses starch paste mixed with pig streaky pork or lean pork as stuffing, and is poured into ordinary casings. After cooking, it is dried or smoked. If garlic and other stuffing are added, it becomes garlic sausage. It has been proved that this is a Russian food brought by Belarus living in Northeast China. In Heilongjiang, this kind of sausage is different from Harbin red sausage. Its taste is slightly similar to that of pine kernel small belly, but it tastes lighter and softer than pine kernel small belly. It is very popular and has become a product in Heilongjiang.

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