What are the seven sutras

The seven classics refer to the seven classics of the Eastern Han Dynasty. They are the book of songs, Shangshu, Yili, Zhouyi, spring and autumn, the Analects of Confucius and the book of filial piety. On the other hand, the society uses it to promote and implement self-cultivation, governing the country and governing the country, which is also one of the purposes of the compilation of the seven classics.

What are the seven sutras

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The seven classics are rich in content, reflecting labor and love, war and corvee, oppression and resistance, customs and marriage, ancestor worship and banquet, and even celestial phenomena, landform, animals and plants. They are a mirror of the social life of the Zhou Dynasty.

No matter from what point of view, the creation of the seven classics is indisputable. The chronological style is one of the three major styles of historiography, "followed by the sun and the moon, followed by the years". It has set an example for thousands of years, followed by many others. Zizhi Tongjian is the most outstanding.

What are the seven sutras

The private nature of the seven classics broke the official monopoly on historiography and became the forerunner of a hundred schools of thought. In the "twenty six histories", as many as one-third of the private practitioners are led by it.

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