When did the double wonders in western Yunnan originate

Shuangjue in western Yunnan originated in the middle and late Warring States period. It takes Dianchi Lake as the center, reaches Qujing in the East, Lufeng in the west, Dongchuan in the north and Tonghai and Huaning in the south. A highly developed bronze culture, also known as Dian culture, is distributed in this area. Today, western Yunnan represents the vast area west of Kunming in Yunnan.

When did the double wonders in western Yunnan originate

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The Wa people in Shuangjue, western Yunnan, who live in the southwest of Yunnan, live an enviable life. Although they can't understand the artistic conception of "don't be surprised to see the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court", they feel the leisurely complacency of "going or staying unintentionally, looking at the clouds in the sky".

When did the double wonders in western Yunnan originate

As a ethnic minority with strong historical charm, the Wa nationality has also changed in the ancient historical changes, following the pace of the great times. The national wealth created by the wa ancestors is still handed down by the Wa people from generation to generation.

In ancient society, the Wa people living in different regions would give their nation a recognized family name according to their region and unique way of life.

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