What if Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful

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Mobile phone model: Huawei mate 40

System version: emui 11

Take Xiaomi Bluetooth headset redmi airdots2 as an example. If Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful, first check whether the Bluetooth device is turned on. Secondly, turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode. Turn on its pairing mode according to the operation to see if it can be successfully connected. Or delete the previously connected Bluetooth device, click the information icon on the right side of the Bluetooth device, and then click the ignore device option to re pair and connect to see if it can succeed. Or update the phone system firmware.

What if Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard, which can realize short-distance data exchange between fixed equipment, mobile equipment and building personal area network (using 2.4 ~ 2.485ghz ISM Band UHF radio wave). Bluetooth technology was originally created by telecom giant Ericsson in 1994 as an alternative to RS232 data line. Bluetooth can connect multiple devices, which overcomes the problem of data synchronization.

What if Bluetooth pairing is unsuccessful

Bluetooth is now managed by the Bluetooth technology alliance. Bluetooth technology alliance has more than 25000 member companies in the world, which are distributed in telecommunications, computers, networks, consumer electronics and other fields. IEEE lists Bluetooth technology as IEEE 802.15.1, but it no longer maintains the standard. Bluetooth technology alliance is responsible for supervising the development of Bluetooth specifications, managing certification projects, and safeguarding trademark rights and interests. The manufacturer's equipment must comply with the standards of Bluetooth Technology Alliance in order to enter the market in the name of Bluetooth equipment. Bluetooth technology has a patented network that can be distributed to standard devices.

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