How to add family in Yukang code

Model: Huawei mate40

System: emui 11 intelligent system

Version: WeChat v7.0.10/ Alipay 10.2.10/ cloud flash payment v8.20

You can't add more than one person to Yukang code, but only one code for one person.

Specific methods and steps for applying for Yukang Code:

Method 1: open "wechat" in the wechat application process → click "find" in the lower right corner of the screen → applet → click "search" in the upper right corner → enter "Yukang code" → enter self declaration → report relevant personal health information according to the prompt → generate "Yukang code".

Method two: Alipay's bidding process opens "Alipay" App > click the upper left search box, enter "Yu Kang code", enter self declaration, report personal health information according to the hint, and generate "Yu Kang code".

How to add family in Yukang code

Method 3: cloud flash payment application process: open the "cloud flash payment" app → click the "Yukang code" on the home page → enter the independent declaration → report the relevant personal health information according to the prompt → generate the "Yukang code".

Method four: the official account number is opened, and the WeChat APP search is launched. Search the official account of "Network letter Chongqing". Then enter the page, click the right bottom of the page, then enter the declaration of independence, and report the personal health information according to the hint to generate the Yu Kang code.

How to add family in Yukang code

Relevant data:

"Yukang code" is a convenient information system that provides health information declaration, dynamic health status display, migrant health certificate declaration and other services for residents in Chongqing. In order to standardize the use of "Yukang code", realize "one code for one person, one code for multiple ends, one code for multiple purposes and dynamic management", and facilitate people's travel and enterprise resumption of work.

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