What does the wall mounted stove display 0f mean

Taking Midea wall mounted furnace l1pb20-c18 as an example, the wall mounted furnace shows 0f, which has the following conditions:

1. The transformer failed, resulting in failure of power transmission.

Solution: repair and replace the transformer.

2. There is short circuit or grounding at the low voltage end of the transformer.

Solution: repair the low voltage end of the transformer.

3. The HV side of the transformer is grounded.

Solution: repair the high voltage side of the transformer.

What does the wall mounted stove display 0f mean

What does the display on the wall mounted stove mean

The display of on the wall mounted furnace indicates that the wall mounted furnace is in shutdown state.

When the ignition switch of the wall mounted boiler enters the working state, the fan is started first to form a negative pressure difference in the combustion chamber. The air pressure switch sends the command to the water pump. After the water pump is started, the water flow switch sends the command to the high-pressure discharger. After starting, the command is sent to the gas proportional valve, and the gas proportional valve starts to start.

What does the wall mounted stove display 0f mean

Wall mounted furnace is a highly integrated special equipment integrating water, electricity and gas. Problems such as ash deposition, carbon deposition, scaling, aging of seals, drift of set working point and so on are inevitable in long-term operation. Therefore, regular maintenance is required, otherwise small accumulation is easy to cause serious diseases.

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