Can tablets make phone calls?

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Mobile phone model: iPad 8th generation

System version: ios14

Some tablets support the call function, but not all tablets support the call function. The tablet PC that can make a call realizes the call function through the built-in signal transmission module: WiFi signal module and SIM card module (i.e. 3G signal module). According to different dialing methods, it is divided into WiFi version and 3G version.

Can tablets make phone calls?

Tablet computers have distinctive features in appearance. Some are like a separate LCD screen, but thicker than the general display screen, which is equipped with necessary hardware devices such as hard disk. Portable and mobile, it is as small and light as a notebook computer. It can transfer its place of use at any time. It has mobile flexibility than desktop computer. The biggest feature of tablet computer is digital ink and handwriting recognition input function, as well as powerful pen input recognition, speech recognition and gesture recognition, and mobility.

Can tablets make phone calls?

In terms of advantages, the Android platform is first of all its development. The developed platform allows any mobile terminal manufacturer to join the Android alliance. Significant openness can enable it to have more developers. With the increasing enrichment of users and applications, a new platform will soon mature.

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