How to get an electronic invoice with an electronic ticket holder

Model: Huawei nova6

System: emui 10.0.1

Version: wechat v7.0.21

Specific method steps:

1. Open the mobile wechat and find the search and add function;

2, search "my invoice", pay attention to my official account number.

3. Open my "invoice management" to find the invoice tool and enter "my ticket folder";

4. You can see the goods purchased through wechat authorization, and you can click to print the invoice;

How to get an electronic invoice with an electronic ticket holder

5. Enter the invoice management interface and click to add the invoice to the ticket folder;

6. After the application is submitted and passed, the electronic invoice is successfully received;

7. Open "wechat card package" management and "my ticket" to view the invoice.

How to get an electronic invoice with an electronic ticket holder

Relevant data:

Electronic invoice is the product of the information age. Like ordinary invoice, it is issued to businesses in the form of unified issuance by the tax bureau. The invoice number is distributed to businesses with unified national coding and unified anti-counterfeiting technology. The electronic invoice is attached with the signature mechanism of the electronic tax bureau.

The promotion of electronic invoices benefits from the "deregulation" and encouragement at the policy level. Since all electronic invoices are VAT invoices, after the "replacing business tax with value-added tax" was officially implemented, service merchants including hotel industry and catering industry were really included in the invoicing scope of electronic invoices. In March, the State Administration of Taxation issued the guidance on further improving the implementation of VAT electronic ordinary invoices, further clarifying the focus on e-commerce, finance Express and other industries should do a good job in the implementation of VAT electronic ordinary invoices.

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