How to set up the old router to get online in a new place

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12

System version: ios14

Specific method steps:

1. Restore factory settings: because your old router has been used before, some configurations in the router are unclear. It is recommended to restore factory settings first.

2. Restore factory settings: first plug your old router into the power supply, and then long press the reset button for about 10 seconds.

3. Note: the reset button of some routers is in a small hole. You need to use toothpicks, pen tips and other objects to press and hold the button.

4. Connect the router correctly: the WAN interface of the router needs to be connected to the cat's network interface with a network cable. If your broadband does not use a cat, you need to plug the incoming Internet cable into the router WAN interface.

How to set up the old router to get online in a new place

5. Set the computer IP address: set the computer IP address to be obtained automatically.

6. Setting up the old router to surf the Internet: check the setting website of the old router. The setting website of the router is usually called setting address, management page, login address, etc. When setting up the router, you need to enter a web address in the browser.

7. Set up wireless network: according to the prompt on the page, set the network name and password in the router and 5g wireless network name and password. The old router is reset.

How to set up the old router to get online in a new place

Relevant data:

Router is a hardware device connecting two or more networks. It acts as a gateway between networks. It is a special intelligent network device that reads the address in each data packet and then determines how to transmit it.

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