What about the Disney reservation code orange

Model: Huawei P30

System: emui 10.1

It's normal. Because you need to make an appointment to register the information of the people entering the park in advance. After online ticket purchase, you can make an appointment through the ticket number. The display color is orange. You need to scan the code again at the gate of the park before entering the park and display green.

What about the Disney reservation code orange

Relevant data:

Disney reservation waiting card is a free online reservation tool innovatively launched by Shanghai Disneyland Resort, which enables tourists to enter the designated scenic spots and queue up at a specific time, so as to reduce the queuing time of popular projects.

The Disney reservation waiting card is applicable to the busy 11:00 to 16:00 in a day. Before and after that, tourists can directly enter the scenic spot and queue up.

What about the Disney reservation code orange

Method and steps of using reservation waiting card:

1. First, you must download the official app of Shanghai Disneyland Resort and create an account;

2. After entering the park to obtain paper tickets, open the app and click "obtain Disney reservation waiting card" to scan the QR code on the tickets. Partners in the same industry can scan together to make an appointment for people in the same industry;

3. When there are items you want to play on the app map and you need to make an appointment waiting card, you can directly click to make an appointment, or click the option to get an appointment waiting card to select;

4. The time displayed on the reservation waiting code is the time to queue up. You can queue up at any time during this time period. Just show the corresponding reservation code on the app to the staff.

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