Can I still find the change details of wechat after deletion

Model: Huawei P30

System: emui 10.1

Version: wechat v7.0.10

Wechat change transfer records can be found after deletion. Wechat change transfer records are not only stored in the user's wechat account, but also stored in Tencent payment server. Users can access bills (including transfer records) for up to three months.

Can I still find the change details of wechat after deletion

Specific method steps:

1. Open and log in the wechat app, click "I", then click "payment" to enter the payment page;

2. Click "wallet" on the payment page, and then click "bill" to enter the bill page;

3. Click "details" on the bill page, then click "bill download", select "for personal reconciliation" and "for supporting materials" according to your own needs, and then operate according to the prompts on the page.

Can I still find the change details of wechat after deletion

matters needing attention:

Bills over three months cannot be retrieved. If the user deletes the change transfer record for more than three months, it cannot be found. In order to facilitate the user to manage his own finance, full consideration should be given to deleting the change transfer record.

Relevant data:

Change pass is the latest function of wechat. The function of change pass is very similar to yu'e Bao: users can directly use the money in change pass for consumption, such as transfer, sending red envelopes, code scanning payment, returning credit cards, etc. At the same time, when the funds are not used in the zero money pass, they can automatically earn income.

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