Where does Alipay check court execution records?

Model: Huawei P40

System: emui 10.1

Version: Alipay v10.2.10

Specific method steps:

1, open Alipay app's interface, click sesame credit;

2. Click agreement management in sesame credit interface;

3. Enter the agreement management interface and click "..." in the upper right corner;

4. Click the court execution record in the pop-up window;

5. You can view the court execution record.

Where does Alipay check court execution records?

Relevant data:

Alipay (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. is the third party payment platform in China. It is committed to providing a simple, safe and fast payment solution. Since its establishment in 2004, Alipay has always regarded "trust" as the core of products and services. It has two independent brands: "Alipay" and "Alipay wallet". Since the second quarter of 2014, it has become the largest mobile payment manufacturer in the world.

Where does Alipay check court execution records?

Alipay has established strategic cooperative relations with more than 180 banks at home and abroad, as well as VISA, MasterCard international organizations and other institutions. It has become the most trusted partner of financial institutions in the field of electronic payment.

In February 2020, the Central Bank of Nepal issued a licence to Alipay. In July, Alipay was selected to list the excellent epidemic plan of block chain warfare. In October, Alipay was "late paid" on line.

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