How to change the real name authentication of peace elite QQ

Model: iPhone 12

System: IOS 14

Version: peace elite 1.10.12

Specific method steps:

In the peace elite, the player's authenticated account is the player's own QQ number. All the data of the game are bound to the QQ number. If you want to modify the real name authentication, you can only do it on QQ.

1. Open mobile QQ and search the growth Guardian platform in QQ;

2, modify the ID card information in the official account of growth guard platform, but game player's information can only be modified once.

How to change the real name authentication of peace elite QQ

Relevant knowledge:

Peace elite is a mobile game for anti-terrorism military competition developed by Tencent photon studio group. Unreal Engine 4 research and development, the next generation of perfect picture quality, the ultimate audio-visual experience; Super large real map, create fingertip battlefield, and display tactics freely in all aspects; Hundreds of people compete in the same field, with real trajectory and perfect shooting feel; Friends form a team with one button, and the voice is black; Tencent photon studio group has more than 300 R & D teams.

How to change the real name authentication of peace elite QQ

1. Minor users under the age of 16 pass the mandatory public security real name verification, and users under the age of 16 will not be able to obtain authorization and log in to the game experience; Peace elite has also prepared a wealth of power packs. When users reach the age of 16, they can enter the game to receive them.

2. Minor users aged 16 and above (adults aged 18) will log in to the game for up to 2 hours. After the game, they will be forced off the line and can no longer log in to the game on that day.

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