Who was the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty

Li Yuan (566-june 25, 635), Emperor Gaozu of the Tang Dynasty, was born in Chengji, Longxi (Tianshui, Gansu), and his ancestral home was Yaoshan, Xingzhou (Longyao, Xingtai). The founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty. Li Yuan was born in an aristocratic family in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. At the age of seven, he attacked the Duke of the Tang Dynasty.

Who was the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty

Kaihuangzhong served successively as the governor of qiaozhou, Longzhou and Qizhou. After emperor Yang of the Sui Dynasty ascended the throne, Li Yuan served successively as the prefect of Xingyang (now Zhengzhou, Henan) and Loufan (now jingle, Shanxi). At the end of the Sui Dynasty, when the world was in chaos, Li Yuan took advantage of the situation to set up troops from Taiyuan and occupied Chang'an.

Who was the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty

In May of the lunar calendar in the second year of Yining (618), Li Yuan accepted the abdication of emperor Gong of Sui Dynasty, established the Tang Dynasty, established Chang'an as the capital, gradually eliminated the separatist forces around the country and unified the country.

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