What is the difference between Huawei tablet all Netcom and WiFi

Model: Huawei matepad Pro

System: emui 10.1

The difference between the two is:

1. Different meanings: the tablet of WiFi version means that there is no mobile phone card slot, you can't insert a card, you can only use wireless WiFi to surf the Internet, or share mobile data to surf the Internet in other ways. The all Netcom tablet has a card slot, which can be inserted into the mobile phone card (network card), and the mobile phone cards of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom can be used to surf the Internet.

2. Different usage scenarios: the main task of the mobile phone is communication. It must have the functions of making phone calls and using traffic to surf the Internet. In many cases, the tablet is practical in fixed places at home or office. These environments basically have WiFi. The main purpose of the tablet is to surf the Internet, watch videos and play games, rather than make phone calls, so there is no need to use the function of traffic Internet access.

What is the difference between Huawei tablet all Netcom and WiFi

3. Different costs: the cost of a tablet that can insert a telephone card is higher than that of a tablet that uses WiFi, because if you want the tablet to support traffic Internet access, you must have a built-in communication module, a baseband chip, and open a SIM card slot on the middle frame of the tablet, all of which require cost. The most important thing is that the use of communication baseband needs to pay patent fees to Qualcomm.

What is the difference between Huawei tablet all Netcom and WiFi

Relevant data:

Huawei matepad Pro is equipped with a 10.8-inch IPS screen, with the world's narrowest frame of 4.9mm, 90% of the world's highest screen, comprehensive screen, stealth antenna design and symmetrical aesthetic design language with a sense of order, making it a lightweight and flexible artwork. Huawei matepad Pro has four colors: Fritillaria white, yelan gray, indigo naturalis and Danxia orange, among which Fritillaria white and yelan gray are glass fiber back shells; Qingshandai and Danxia orange take micro litchi grain plain skin.

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