Can tiktok be cancelled and cancelled?

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Mobile phone model: iPhone 12; System version: ios14

Software version: tiktok 13.7.0

After the sound cancellation is tiktok, it can be applied again. The steps to log the jitter are tiktok:

1, tiktok, click on "lower side", "click me" and click "three horizontal lines".

2. Enter "Settings" and click "account and security".

3, tiktok safety center.

4. Click "Cancel Account" and "next".

5. Enter "mobile phone verification code" and click "next" to complete the audit.

Can tiktok be cancelled and cancelled?

The specific steps for re applying are:

Tiktok: 1, open the short video of shaking, click on me, enter the mobile phone number, click to get the SMS verification code.

2. After entering the verification code, click login to register successfully.

Note: if the real name authentication is cancelled, the general tiktok will take two weeks before the account can be re registered.

Can tiktok be cancelled and cancelled?

Jitter is a short video social networking software incubated by tiktok today. It was launched in September 20, 2016 and is a music oriented short video community platform for all ages. Users can choose songs, shoot short music videos and form their own works through this software. Users will update their favorite videos according to their hobbies.

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