What does SF big net mean

Large net is the express delivery of large luggage covered with large net, which is called large net.

Relevant data:

SF is a domestic express logistics integrated service provider, headquartered in Shenzhen. After years of development, it has initially established the ability to provide customers with integrated integrated logistics solutions. It not only provides logistics services at the distribution end, but also extends to the production, supply, marketing and distribution at the front end of the value chain. Starting from consumer demand and driven by data, Use big data analysis and cloud computing technology to provide customers with a package of solutions such as warehouse management, sales forecast, big data analysis and financial management.

What does SF big net mean

SF is also an intelligent logistics operator with network scale advantages. After years of painstaking operation and forward-looking strategic layout, SF has formed a comprehensive logistics service network with the integration of "Sky Network + Earth Network + information network" and can cover domestic and foreign. Its direct network is a unique and rare comprehensive logistics network system with strong network control and high stability among domestic peers.

What does SF big net mean

SF adopts the direct operation mode, and the headquarters implements unified operation and management of all branches, ensuring the overall operation quality of the network. It is the first express company in a shares to adopt the direct operation mode.

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