How does the Apple phone project the screen to the iPad

Model: iPhone 11 / iPad mini5

System: IOS 13 / IOS 13

Specific method steps:

1. Open the app store on the mobile phone and iPad respectively, search for "apowermirror" and download and install the software on the mobile phone and iPad.

2. Make sure the phone and iPad are connected to the same WiFi.

3. Open "Settings" on the phone and click "control center". Enter the page and click "custom control". In the custom control page, add the "screen recording" function.

How does the Apple phone project the screen to the iPad

4. Open the "apowermirror" on the mobile phone, enter the software, and click the "m" icon at the bottom. After entering the projection page, click the name of the iPad to be connected.

5. Enter the control center page in the mobile phone, press the "screen recording" button, select "apowermirror" in the pop-up option, and then click "start live broadcast". When the countdown is over, the phone screen will be displayed on the iPad.

Relevant data:

Apple tablet iPad is divided into WiFi version and 3G / WiFi version, with three capacity sizes of 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

How does the Apple phone project the screen to the iPad

Apple's tablet will be based on the "iPhone operating system" and support simplified Chinese, image scrolling, sliding unlocking and other operation modes. The iPad uses Apple's own A4 processor and is compatible with all app store software. Therefore, more than 100000 iPhone applications can also be "transferred" to this tablet. Multi touch support with 1000 sensing points.

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