Rookies wrap around. Others can see what I buy

Model: iPhone 11

System: IOS 13

Version: rookie wrap v5.9.0

You can see. Records can also be deleted.

Specific method steps:

1. First, we open the rookie wrap;

2. Click home;

3. Find the baby you don't want others to see, long press and click delete.

Rookies wrap around. Others can see what I buy

Relevant data:

Rookie wrapping is the application software of Alibaba's rookie network to provide express service, which provides express delivery, check express delivery and pick up express function services.

Support rookie App, mobile phone Taobao / Alipay / WeChat search rookie wrapping order booking, courier within 2 hours to pick up parts, while online intelligent sending machine, express delivery to the station, sending a variety of ways to express.

Rookies wrap around. Others can see what I buy

Rookie wrapping supports online reservation express delivery, offline self-service express delivery, express delivery at the delivery point, express waybill query at home and abroad, express automatic tracking, rookie post collection service, real-time reminder of express progress, etc.

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