Is liquid glass mud toxic

Liquid glass mud is poisonous. Glass mud is crystal mud. Crystal mud contains borax. Borax is a chemical product with high toxicity. It is prohibited to be used as food additives in many countries in the world, including China. The study report shows that the toxic dose of borax for adults is 1 g to 3 G, the lethal dose for adults is 15 g, while the lethal dose for infants is only 2 g to 3 g.

Is liquid glass mud toxic

Improper use of children in manual work will lead to chemical burns, allergies, nosebleeds and sore throat. If you eat by mistake, it will produce poisoning symptoms of abdominal pain and vomiting, and it will cause cumulative poisoning of multiple organs. It is reported that there have been many deaths and injuries caused by eating borax by mistake all over the country.

Is liquid glass mud toxic

Extended data:

Experts say that when children play with crystal mud containing borax, borax will be ingested by the human body if there is a wound on the skin or if they touch the mouth with their hands during the play. Borax entering the human body absorbs quickly, excretes slowly, and is easy to accumulate in the body. In addition, some children playing with this toy may also cause skin allergies, burning and other symptoms. Parents should also not take the risk of children eating by mistake lightly.

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