Are weasels protected animals

Weasel is a protected animal, which belongs to three and beneficial or has important economic and scientific research value. In accordance with the provisions of the wildlife protection law of the people's Republic of China, the provisions of this law are applicable to three kinds of wildlife and are generally protected by law.

Are weasels protected animals

Weasels are nocturnal, especially in the early morning and dusk, and sometimes in the daytime. Usually act alone. He is good at running, can move forward close to the ground, drill through cracks and caves, and can also swim, climb trees and walls. Except for the breeding period, there are generally no fixed nests. It is usually hidden under firewood piles, rubble piles, wall holes, etc. Smell is very sensitive, but vision is poor. He is fierce and often kills prey that exceeds his appetite.

Are weasels protected animals

Weasels are known as weasels. Weasels eat a variety of foods. In the wild, they mainly eat mice and rabbits. Although rabbits run very fast in a short distance, after a long high-speed chase, they will always be caught up and bite off their neck due to fear and exhaustion, and become the victims of weasels.

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