What is the Beijing compound

Beijing compound refers to the family courtyard of government organs, military and other units. The housing area is large enough and the living conditions are good enough. Most of these people are not Beijingers, but they are transferred to Beijing with the founding of the people's Republic of China and various work reasons, so as to settle down and start a family. These compounds are generally distributed slightly away from the city center.

What is the Beijing compound

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These courtyards are generally distributed a little away from the city center. On the contrary, the real indigenous people in Beijing live in the root of the Imperial City, the second ring road and hutongs, and their lives are very tight. Among them, the TV play blood romance depicts the entanglements, feelings and conflicts between the courtyard and old Beijing very well.

What is the Beijing compound

It can be learned from the play that although the children in the courtyard speak with Beijing flavor, compared with the children in the Hutong, they can only speak Mandarin at best. The old Beijing in the Hutong speaks with Beijing flavor, which is very authentic. The interweaving between a group of fearless Beijing masters and a group of powerful veterans has contributed to a unique culture in Beijing.

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