What does the network language Su Hello mean

The Internet language Su Hello means "very good, very punctual" in Thai, and its transliteration is "Su hello". Now it is generally understood that Su Hello, Su Hello, Su Hello means to shake up with the rhythm. "Su Hello Su Hello Su hello" is a DJ dance music adapted from "Gorillaz feel good Inc.".

What does the network language Su Hello mean

Gorillaz feel good Inc. is now adapted by many people. The well-known "Su Hello Su Hello Su hello" was sung by Feng Yuchen. Gorillaz is a band composed of lead singer Chaka Khan, guitarist noodle, head / bassist Murdoc and drummer Russel.

What does the network language Su Hello mean

The music style of the band has added new ways, and the modeling also has a special character. Even the story is so wild, unimaginable and virtual, but it gives the creator extremely flesh and blood character.

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