What does coco ToHai mean

KEKETUOHAI, which means blue river bend in Mongolian. KEKETUOHAI town is a small town born of mining. It is located in Altai Mountains, 48 kilometers northeast of Fuyun County in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The Ertix River just flows through the town, which is the origin of the town's name.

What does coco ToHai mean

Hoketuohai town is rich in landscape resources, superior environment, pleasant climate and surrounded by mountains, especially in the East - Ertix River Grand Canyon, where mountains are surrounded by water and strange rocks. In particular, a stone mountain standing straight on the Bank of Ertix River, which looks like a big stone bell, is the magical creation of nature, which makes people feel very touched and fascinated.

What does coco ToHai mean

The KEKETUOHAI scenery is not only beautiful to eat, but also rich in mineral resources around it. It is the cradle of China's nonferrous industry and has made great contributions to the development of China's nonferrous industry. At the same time, KEKETUOHAI is also the hometown of gemstones, where precious stones such as Hailan, tourmaline, crystal, purple crow and black, and non-metallic materials such as Muscovite are enriched. Collective and individual jewelry processing and sales shops are scattered in the town. All kinds of products are crystal clear and attractive. They are excellent products for tourism and shopping.

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