What does the Phoenix crown refer to in ancient times

The Phoenix crown refers to the hat of an ancient imperial concubine or noble woman. The Phoenix crown is the crown decoration of the ancient emperor's empress concubine, which is decorated with Phoenix like jewelry. The Phoenix crown of the Ming Dynasty is a ceremonial crown worn by queens when they receive books, pay homage to temples and attend court meetings. Its shape and system inherits the system of the Song Dynasty and is developed and improved, so it shows more elegant and luxurious beauty. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the colorful crowns commonly used for women's decorations were also called Phoenix crowns, which were mostly used in weddings.

What does the Phoenix crown refer to in ancient times

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The ornaments on the Phoenix crown are mainly dragon and Phoenix. The dragon is welded with gold wire stacking process, which is hollow and full of three-dimensional feeling; The Phoenix is pasted with kingfisher hair, and the color is durable and gorgeous. The pearls, gemstones and weights on the crown are different. There are 128 gemstones on the top of the most and 95 gemstones at least; The maximum number of pearls is 5449, the minimum number is 3426, the heaviest is 2905g, and the lightest is 2165g. The crown is inlaid with dragons, phoenixes, jewelry flowers, emerald clouds, emerald leaves and temples. These parts are made separately, and then inserted into the intubation on the crown to form a phoenix crown. The Phoenix crown is solemn in shape and exquisitely made. Its technology includes filigree, inlay, chisel carving, emerald, wearing and so on. The area of Diancui is large (there are 23 Cuifeng on the four Phoenix crowns, hundreds of Cuiyun Cuihua leaves), more than 400 gemstones are inlaid, and there are many large and small pearl flowers and jewelry strings. The final assembly is a very complex process. The placement of various ornaments, the wearing of thousands of pearls, the inlay of hundreds of gemstones, and many ornaments in one crown are reasonably arranged. The Phoenix crown is decorated with jewelry strings. Golden dragon, Cuifeng and jewels complement each other. It is magnificent and magnificent, which can not be achieved by ordinary craftsmen. On the crest of the Phoenix, the Golden Dragon soared and jumped on the green clouds, and the green phoenix spread its wings and flew among the jewelry flowers and leaves.

The Phoenix crown of Song Dynasty is made of silver, decorated with dragon and Phoenix pearl flowers and inlaid with various gemstones. According to the records of the history of the Song Dynasty, the queen wore a huge dragon and Phoenix flower hairpin crown, which was decorated with jewelry, and wrapped with gold and silver silk into 24 dragons and Phoenix and large and small flowers; The Crown Princess wears a hairpin crown with 18 large and small flowers without dragons and phoenixes.

What does the Phoenix crown refer to in ancient times

The Phoenix crown of the Ming Dynasty is a kind of gift crown with gold wire net as the embryo, decorated with Phoenix and hung with jewelry tassels. In the third year of Hongwu, it was stipulated that the Queen's Phoenix crown and round frame were decorated with emerald, decorated with nine dragons and four phoenixes, plus twelve flowers of different sizes, two temples beside the crown, and twelve mother of pearl flowers. The Ming dynasty fell and the Qing Dynasty flourished. The dress style of the Qing Dynasty was very different from that of the Ming Dynasty. However, it came down in one continuous line in decorating women's crowns with phoenix patterns. The base is made of mink or green velvet and covered with red weft. Seven golden phoenixes are decorated on the red weft. Three golden phoenixes are superimposed on the front end of the hat top. There is a pearl on the top of each golden phoenixes. In addition, there is a golden Zhai on the crown suffix, and several rows of pearls hang from Zhai's tail.

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