Which city did the national government officially move its capital to

The city where the national government officially moved its capital was Chongqing. Chongqing city city is a major one belt, one road and the important link point of the Yangtze River economic belt and the inland open highland in the international metropolis, the National Central City, the super large city and the western development.

Which city did the national government officially move its capital to

Extended data:

In mid October 1937, when the Shanghai Songhu battle was coming to an end and the capital Nanjing was under great threat from the Japanese aggressors, the Kuomintang Central Committee and the national government expected that Nanjing could not stick to it. In order to adhere to the long-term war of resistance against Japan, they decided to make a major strategic decision to move the national government to Chongqing in accordance with the established policy.

On November 17, Lin Sen, chairman of the national government as the head of state, led some of the civil servants, controllers and military personnel directly under the national government to set sail to the west by the "Yongfeng ship", thus opening the prelude to the relocation of the national government's capital to Chongqing during the war of resistance against Japan.

On November 20, Linsen and his party arrived in Hankou. In his capacity as chairman of the national government, Linsen issued the Declaration on the relocation of the national government to Chongqing, announcing that the national government "will move to Chongqing today in order to adapt to the war situation, coordinate the overall situation and long-term Anti Japanese war".

Which city did the national government officially move its capital to

Since then, the national government officially announced that it would move the capital from Nanjing to Chongqing.

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