Where is South Korea's Tsing wa Tai

Qingwatai is the official residence of the president of South Korea. It is located at No. 1, Shizong Road, Zhonglu District, Seoul, South Korea. It was originally the departure palace of the Korean Dynasty. After the Korean Dynasty established its capital in Seoul (now Seoul, South Korea) in 1426, it was used as the backyard of Jingfu palace, built some buildings such as Longwu hall, qingnongzhai and martial arts training ground, and opened up a piece of King's Pro cultivated land.

Where is South Korea's Tsing wa Tai

The green tile terrace is composed of the central main building, guest house, green garden, infinite flower garden, seven palaces, etc. It is worth noting that the appearance of these buildings is different. In order to highlight Korean characteristics, all buildings are built according to Korean traditional architectural mode, which looks very beautiful.

Where is South Korea's Tsing wa Tai

The green tiles of the main building and the curved roof are the most representative places of the green tile terrace. There are 150000 green tiles, each of which can be used for more than 100 years. On the right side of the main building is the spring and autumn hall. The roof of the spring and autumn hall is made of traditional ceramic tiles, which is used as a place for the president to summon reporters. On the left side of the main building is the Welcome Hotel, which is a place for foreign guests. There are 18 stone pillars, which looks majestic.

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