What does Taiwan's locomotive mean

Taiwan's motorcycles are motorcycles. Because there are many people in Taiwan and the roads are aging and crowded, Taiwanese people like to use "locomotives" to take the place of transportation to work. The scene is very shocking, and the sound of horns and motors is very noisy. Therefore, when Taiwanese say "so and so is a locomotive", they describe him as wordy and annoying like a locomotive. Taiwan's locomotives can't drive on the national highway, so it also means to describe others as "not on the road".

What does Taiwan's locomotive mean

Locomotive is a network term, which was first popular in Taiwan, China. In Taiwan dialect, locomotive is an adjective, mainly referring to many problems and opinions, which means very challenging. Locomotives in Taiwan can't get on the highway, so "locomotive" is extended to mean "not on the road". Generally speaking: you're a motorcycle. You are really picky and have a lot of things. It may also mean that you are not popular.

What does Taiwan's locomotive mean

Network languages include pinyin or abbreviations of English letters. Numbers with a specific meaning and vivid network animations and pictures were mainly adopted by Internet bugs to improve the efficiency of online chat or a specific need. Over time, a specific language was formed. The new words emerging from the network mainly depend on its own vitality. If those dynamic network languages can stand the test of time, we can accept them after they are established by convention. If it can't stand the test of time, it will soon be abandoned by netizens.

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