What does wax sacrifice mean

Wax sacrifice is a folk traditional sacrifice culture with a long history. The ancients hunted in the twelfth lunar month and sacrificed the captured animals to their ancestors and five family gods. According to the records of custom communication, "the wax Hunter also hunts. Because he hunts animals to sacrifice his ancestors, or receives them, he handed them over and made a big sacrifice for hunting in return for his merit." it can be seen that "wax" means hunting and sacrificing with wild animals or their own poultry.

What does wax sacrifice mean

The objects of wax sacrifice are ancestors and five household gods. The five household gods refer to the door, household, skylight, stove and line (the land inside the door). The date of wax sacrifice was not fixed before the Han Dynasty. After the Han Dynasty, the date of wax sacrifice was set on the third day after the winter solstice.

What does wax sacrifice mean

Taoism divides a year into five lunar calendar days, and believes that all these five lunar calendar days should be for fasting and offering sacrifices to ancestors. Volume 37 of the seven signs of Cloud Collection: "the first day of the first lunar month is named tianla, the fifth day of May is named Dila, the seventh day of July is named Daode La, the first day of October is named minsui La, and the December Festival is named Hou Wang la. It is also suitable to practice fasting and sacrifice ancestors."

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