What does Michelle mean emotionally

Mei Kai's second degree of emotion is used to describe a person's feelings that bloom again after experiencing the process of flowering and withering, that is, the second spring of feelings we often hear. It mostly refers to some people who get divorced because of the first relationship or other reasons and get married again.

Plum blossom twice is an idiom, which means to succeed in the same thing twice. The latter refers to doing one thing twice, or it refers to the reunion of good things, the return of good opportunities, and a woman's remarriage. "Plum blossom twice" originates from the novel "plum blossom twice" compiled by the master of Xiyin hall, which is used in Beijing Opera and Yue opera.

What does Michelle mean emotionally


"Plum blossom twice" comes from the novel "plum blossom twice" (later Beijing opera, Yue Opera and Pingju have been adapted and performed) written by the master of Xiyin Hall (Xuan Shugan). This is a love story between Mei Liangyu and Chen Xingyuan in the Tang Dynasty. There is such a plot: Mei Liangyu's father was framed by Prime Minister Lu Qi. Mei Liangyu offered a sacrifice on the night when all the plum blossoms were blown down by the strong wind. He prayed that the plum blossoms would reopen twice and his father's injustice would be vindicated. Later, the plum blossom was in full bloom for the second time. Mei and Chen Li come to a happy conclusion after suffering. "Plum blossom twice" has been widely spread since then.

What does Michelle mean emotionally

In addition, there is another saying that during the suzong period of the Tang Dynasty, there was a beautiful woman named Chen Xingyuan. One day, the plum blossoms in her house suddenly withered. On the same day, Mei Liangyu, a talented scholar killed by a treacherous minister, came to her house to make a living as a schoolboy. Later, they fell in love. Soon the Northern Kingdom invaded the south, and the king of Tang could not resist it, so he sent Chen Xingyuan to appease him. With great reluctance, Chen Xingyuan jumped off a cliff and killed himself on his way to a foreign country. It is said that he was saved by the ghost of Wang Zhaojun and sent back to the Chen family. In the final happy ending, Chen Xingyuan married Mei Liangyu, which moved the plum blossom tree of the Chen family and reopened that day, so there was the idiom "plum blossom opens twice".

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