What is the material of feeder beads

The material Tianzhu is actually made of Tibetan medicine grinding, pine powder, yak horn and gold and silver blending. It also adds lead core to increase its smooth texture. Tianzhu has a special "induction", with ancient unique connotation and rich historical inheritance. Due to the loss of the production process of Zhichun Tianzhu, Zhichun's scarcity led to the inability to meet the demand for Tianzhu in Tibetan areas, and the "material Tianzhu" came into being.

What is the material of feeder beads

"Material heavenly beads" are not "pure heavenly beads", but the crystallization of the wisdom of the ancients. They are imitated with special materials. They are worn by Tibetans all year round and have the same effect as real heavenly beads. The material and utensil beads are substitutes for genuine beads. They are often used for Buddha, Tibetan, believers, etc.

What is the material of feeder beads

From the aspect of appearance, the totem of the material pearl is the same as that of the natural pearl. From a religious point of view, they have the same effect and significance. Feeder beads can be said to be a substitute for natural beads. Nowadays, the thing that Tibetan compatriots wear all year round is the material heavenly beads. The blessing treasure invited by many Buddhists to the temple is the material heavenly beads.

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