What's the difference between dry ice and ice

The difference between dry ice and ice is:

1. The temperature of dry ice is - 78 degrees; The temperature of the ice is 0 degrees.

2. Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, which will sublimate into carbon dioxide gas when it meets heat. It will directly change into gaseous state without going through solid state; Ice is water H2O, which melts into liquid water when heated. Even if boiling water at 100 ° C is used, it will not be gasified directly. It must pass through liquid and will be gasified into steam when the temperature reaches the boiling point.

What's the difference between dry ice and ice

Dry ice application:

Dry ice cleaning has been widely used in the foundry industry all over the world. Most of the foundry industry has changed to dry ice cleaning to clean sand core molds and fixed molds. Dry ice cleaning does not need to cool down and disassemble the mold, which avoids the corrosion and damage of the mold by chemical cleaning method, the mechanical damage and scratch of the mold by mechanical cleaning method, and the decline of mold accuracy caused by repeated loading and unloading. The key is that the two most time-consuming steps of disassembling the mold and waiting for the mold to cool down can be avoided, which can reduce the downtime by about 80% - 95%.

What's the difference between dry ice and ice

Ice application:

The use of refrigeration equipment not only makes modern people enjoy the "Qing" blessing, but also provides a convenient and good medicine for dealing with common and frequently occurring diseases in summer. This is ice. The description of ice in compendium of Materia Medica is: "ice is sweet and cold in nature and non-toxic. It is mainly used to treat heat annoyance, heat swelling, relieve annoyance and thirst and relieve summer heat toxin." specifically, ice can reduce high fever, stop bleeding, relieve itching and detoxification, relieve pain, reduce heart rate, stop irritability, treat scald, dermatitis, external injury, insect bite and so on.

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