Who does Sanlu mean

Sanlu refers to Qu Yuan. Sanlu is an ancient place name in the Warring States period. It is located in lepingli, Sanlu, Zigui County, Hubei Province. Sanlu also refers to the general name of the three big surnamed families in a certain place of the state of Chu. After Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet, was demoted, he once served as a doctor of Sanlu and took charge of the clan affairs of the three big surnamed clans. Therefore, later generations also use this noun to refer to Qu Yuan.

Who does Sanlu mean

Dr. Sanlu:

Doctor Sanlu was an official of the state of Chu during the Warring States period, and Qu Yuan was demoted to this post. In the collection of historical records and biographies of Qu Yuan, Pei Peng said: "in the preface to Li Sao of the case, it is said that" Sanlu is in charge of the three surnames of the royal family, namely Zhao, Qu and Jing. Yuan (Qu Yuan) orders its genealogy, leads its virtuous and virtuous people, and strengthens the national scholars ". It can be seen that Sanlu doctor is an official in charge of the clan affairs of the three surnames.

Who does Sanlu mean

Relevant literature:

The biography of Kong Rong in the book of the later Han Dynasty: "loyalty is not three Lu, wisdom is not wrong, stealing the throne is wrong, and impunity is lucky." Li Xian noted: "Qu Yuan is also in charge of the three Royal surnames, which are Zhao, Qu and Jing, so it is called ' three Lu '

"Feeling that scholars don't meet Fu": "therefore, Yi and Hao have a sigh of safe return, and the three Lu hair has passed away."

"Water melody song head · pan Xiangjiang River" CI: "arouse the loyalty and anger of nine songs, wipe the three Lu words, and win glory with the day."

"When you should try to shun the sky, you still use the rhyme before it to show misty people and woodcutting and wild Zhang": "the rutted flag turns over the failed car repeatedly, and the chanting is haggard than the Sanlu."

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