Is the shell persimmon soft or hard

Shell persimmons are hard to pick and need to be ripened and softened manually. Secondly, most of the tannic acid in hard persimmon is concentrated in the skin. When persimmon is desaturated, it is impossible to remove all the tannic acid, especially when the desaturation process is imperfect, the skin contains more tannic acid. When eating, it is recommended to choose according to personal tastes and hobbies.

Is the shell persimmon soft or hard

Fruit introduction:

Shell persimmon is also known as Huojing persimmon. After softening, it is red and dazzling, like a fireball, crystal like, so it is called Huojing persimmon. Lintong Huojing persimmon is magnificent in shape, red like fire, crystal clear, silkless and seedless, plump and juicy, thin as paper, easy to peel, cool and refreshing. It has been reported by CCTV's "pay attention to the west" column and promoted as a treasure in the fruit.

Is the shell persimmon soft or hard

Expand knowledge:

Shell persimmon has important medicinal value. Huojing persimmon is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It has the functions of clearing heat, moistening intestines, generating saliva, relieving thirst, eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. It can treat chronic bronchitis, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hemorrhoid bleeding, constipation and other diseases. Persimmon root can reduce adverse Qi and stop nausea. It can cure hiccup, Qi and nausea.

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