What is wax skin

Oil wax leather is a kind of leather making technology of cow leather. Oil wax leather is a kind of leather material with soft, good elasticity and high tension formed by dyeing, oiling and waxing of top-grade and natural cow leather; It is a fashion product with antique art effect. Due to the strong water and oil absorption of oil wax skin and belonging to discolored cortex, pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof and oil stain during normal use.

What is wax skin

Oil wax leather is a kind of leather making process of cow leather. It is quite different from ordinary cow leather. It is the darling of high-end furniture leather. Oil wax leather is a special leather feeling effect formed by grinding, oiling and waxing the first layer of cow leather. It is a fashionable leather process with antique art effect, and it is also the first choice for major world brands.

What is wax skin

It has strong water and oil absorption, and the color of the leather will become darker after sticking to the water and oil. In fact, it is these characteristics of oil wax skin that make it give people a feeling of nostalgia and vicissitudes. The shiny surface effect of oil wax skin seems to rub a layer of oil wax on the surface of leather material. Vaguely, as long as the leather material is folded or rubbed, you will see the blending change of complexion and background color.

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