What animal is a mountain beaver

Mountain beavers are leopard cats, also known as cat beavers. It mainly inhabits in mountainous forest areas, rural shrubs and near forest edge villages. The altitude of distribution can range from low altitude coastal zone to high mountain forest area with an altitude of 3000m. The number is the largest in the semi open sparse shrub habitat. The number of open plain agricultural land is small, and there are few arid deserts and sand dunes.

What animal is a mountain beaver

Living habits:

Mountain beavers mainly feed on rats, squirrels, flying rats, rabbits, frogs, lizards, snakes, small birds and insects. Sometimes they sneak into the village to steal chickens, ducks and other poultry. Widely distributed in China (except the arid areas in the north and West); From Afghanistan, through the Indian subcontinent, to Southeast Asia, Russia and North Korea.

What animal is a mountain beaver

Mountain beavers mainly live in the ground, but they have strong climbing ability and move sensitively and freely in trees. Nocturnal, more morning and dusk activities. Live alone or in pairs. He is good at swimming and likes to move and forage near the water, such as ponds, streams and ditches, rice fields and so on.

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