What does it mean to collect express

Receiving express means that the express company has received the sender's express and has sent the express, which means that the express has been received by the salesman, scanned and uploaded to the express system, and then the express network of the express company will send and deliver the goods to the recipient.

What does it mean to collect express

Express collection scanning is an income scanning of the pieces taken back by the salesman of the express company from the customer. Each branch of the express company is contracted by franchisees. Every night, the branch staff will send the goods collected today to the headquarters, and then pick up and deliver the landed pieces in their own area in the early morning. Express collection scanning is that the branch sends the express to the local headquarters for scanning, the headquarters receives it, enters the operating system, and can be found in the headquarters system, so that it can be tracked.

What does it mean to collect express

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The general package collection process is door-to-door collection, provision of waybills, basic packaging, determination of scope, inspection of articles and inspection of packaging. Door to door pickup refers to the provision of door-to-door express service and door-to-door pickup service (you can make an appointment for a second time). The provision of waybill is for the sending customer, and the corresponding waybill will be provided to meet the customer's needs. Basic packaging is to provide customers with free basic packaging services such as large / medium / small plastic bags and document seals. The scope of determination is to verify whether the delivery address provided by the customer is in the service area. Inspection of articles is to check whether the consignments are prohibited or restricted by air, land transportation, import and export. The inspection and packaging refers to the relevant reinforcement, shockproof and waterproof treatment of the express to ensure the transportation safety of the express.

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