Who is the natural enemy of lion mane jellyfish

The natural enemy of lion maned jellyfish is turtle. Turtles can shuttle freely among groups of jellyfish such as lion maned jellyfish, because their thick shell makes the thorn cells on the tentacles of lion maned jellyfish unable to help them. However, turtles can easily tear off the tentacles of lion mane jellyfish with their mouths, making them lose their resistance and become their own delicious food.

Who is the natural enemy of lion mane jellyfish

Lion mane jellyfish is one of the largest jellyfish in the world. It is named because it has orange tentacles around its mouth, floating like a mane. Its umbrella shaped body can reach 2 meters, weighs 200-400 kg, has eight groups of tentacles, up to 150, and can be more than 35 meters long to capture food and defend against enemies.

Who is the natural enemy of lion mane jellyfish

Lion mane jellyfish is a deadly creature, but it rarely moves in places where humans go in and out. The stinging cells on its tentacles are equipped with poison needles and capsules containing poison, which can scratch people's skin when jellyfish entangle people, and the poison enters the human body and dies quickly. Lion mane jellyfish mainly live in colder waters, between 20 and 40 meters below the sea surface, where the water temperature remains constant. It mainly feeds on zooplankton, small fish and other jellyfish.

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