The difference between wild boar and domestic pig

The differences between the two are: 1. The tusks of domestic pigs are relatively short; Wild boars have long tusks. 2. Domestic pigs are domesticated, and their character is relatively mild; The wild boar is not domesticated, and its character is wild. 3. Domestic pigs are artificially fed and grow faster; Wild boars grow slowly. 4. Domestic pigs belong to domestic animals; Wild boar is a national protected animal.

The difference between wild boar and domestic pig

Domestic pigs are pigs kept in captivity by humans. The service life can reach 20 years. Is one of the five animals. It is docile, adaptable, easy to raise and reproduce quickly. It can be mated 5-12 months after birth, and the pregnancy period is about 4 months. Human domestication of domestic pigs has a long history. Pigs raised in China are the direct descendants of the earliest domesticated pigs.

The difference between wild boar and domestic pig

Wild boar, also known as mountain boar, is widely distributed in the world. However, due to human hunting and the sharp reduction of living environment space, the number has decreased sharply, and has been listed as an endangered species in many countries. Wild boar inhabits in mountains, hills, deserts, forests, grasslands and forests, with strong environmental adaptability. Wild boar habitat spans temperate and tropical regions, ranging from semi-arid climate to tropical rain forest, temperate woodland and grassland, but it does not haunt extremely arid, extremely high altitude and extremely cold areas. Wild boar's food is very miscellaneous. It eats everything it can eat, including grass, fruit, nuts, roots, insects, bird eggs, rats, carrion, and even rabbits and deer cubs.

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