Where is Jingkou in Guazhou

Jingkou in berthing Guazhou refers to Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, on the South Bank of the Yangtze River. This poem was written by Wang Anshi, a poet of the Song Dynasty, when he passed through Guazhou. It is a pure nostalgic poem. The first sentence of the poem describes the scenery in the outlook. The poet stood on the North Bank of the Yangtze River and looked south. He saw that the "Jingkou" on the south bank was so close to the "Guazhou" here. With a river distance, he couldn't help thinking that the Zhongshan Mountain where his home was located was only a few mountains away and not far away.

Where is Jingkou in Guazhou

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Zhenjiang, formerly known as Jingkou, Runzhou and Nanxu, is a prefecture level city in Jiangsu Province, one of the 27 cities in the central area of the Yangtze River Delta, and an important port and scenic tourism city in China's Yangtze River Delta approved by the State Council. Located in East China and southern Jiangsu, Zhenjiang is a member city of Nanjing metropolitan area and an important part of the Yangtze River city group. It ranks Nanjing in the west, Changzhou in the South and Yangzhou in the north. It is an important transportation center in East China.

Where is Jingkou in Guazhou

Beijing Shanghai railway, Beijing Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai Nanjing high-speed railway, Shanghai Chengdu expressway, Yangli expressway, national highway 312, national highway 104 and other major cities in China. It is the only intersection hub between the Yangtze River and the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal, and Zhenjiang port, the third largest 100 million ton port in the Yangtze River Basin, connects the river to the sea.

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