What does Internet surfing mean

Internet surfing means surfing the Internet. In English, surfing the Internet is "surfing the Internet", because "surfing" means surfing, that is, it is called "surfing the Internet", which is an image statement. Surfing the Internet is to browse the web and use the Internet for learning, entertainment and other related operations, which brings visual and spiritual enjoyment to users, just like surfing on the sea.

What does Internet surfing mean

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The most popular network neologisms in 2020 are as follows:

Rain girl without melon: rain girl without melon is a homonym of "it has nothing to do with you". It is an expression of non-standard Mandarin and dialect cavity. This expression looks cold and mysterious and a little confusing. In addition, the expression pack is very funny. It is usually used to back up or tease others.

What does Internet surfing mean

Tiktok: tiktok: teach him a lesson! Teach him a lesson! Teach him a lesson! He was a very popular word in 2019. This word came from comic dialogue, but it really made him angry. It was a video on the voice of a user, and later it caused a video topic of "everything is available". This topic has many users' participation, and the dish is also full of brain holes. There are all kinds of things. He can be used to argue with others. In this case, "he" means "against him". When you meet a beautiful girl, you can also say "he", which means "tease her".

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