Where is Hongshan cuigu

Hongshan cuigu is located in xiaoshiwu village, duozhuang Town, Zhangqiu District, Jinan City. It is one of the five theme projects of wucai mountain village. It is adjacent to baizhangya reservoir in the East and Xiaozhai village in the West. It has beautiful mountains and rivers and beautiful scenery. It is surrounded by mountain villages, which perfectly integrates the natural environment and cultural environment.

Where is Hongshan cuigu

Hongshan cuigu scenic spot is surrounded by mountains and rivers, with beautiful natural scenery. The scenic spot is planned to have a comprehensive layout of "one core, one ring and four clusters", namely the red leaf ornamental core of Manshan, combing the surrounding red leaf forest landscape and creating a core ornamental area; "One ring", that is, enjoy the colorful recreation ring. Based on the original road, colorful forest trails and mountaineering trails are built to facilitate tourists to watch the scenery from a close distance.

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